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Commissions are currently OPEN

Turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks
If you are interested in having a piece painted or customized,
give me an email!

8.26.14 :: New Releases!

Mini Hank McCoy and Family

Visit their pages for more information and photos!

Mini Hank McCoy

8.26.14 :: Updates

DSC07513 DSC07477

DSC07369 DSC07298

6.18.14 :: Updates

DSC06900 DSC06826


DSC07116 DSC07030

6.12.14 :: Links and Server issues…


5.2.14 :: Happy Spring!
DSC06794 DSC06776

DSC06634 DSC06567

3.15.14 :: Lots of updates!

DSC06372 DSC06332

DSC06262 DSC06144

2.2.14 :: Big updates!
Most galleries have been updated; huge new Recently Completed Gallery

DSC05991 DSC05935


DSC05796 DSC05891

11.13.13 :: Commission policy updates
Please check the Pricing and Policies page for details

New work


DSC05237 DSC05346

10.4.13 :: New Work!

DSC05107 DSC05071

DSC05023 DSC05014

9.26.13 :: New Resin Release!

More information on Pandora can be found here

9.25.13 :: New work!

DSC04995 DSC04822

DSC04860 DSC04799

7.18.13 :: New work!

DSC03525-WM DSC04227

DSC04250 DSC04558

5.24.13 :: New work!

DSC04185 DSC04162
DSC04142 DSC04081

5.3.13 :: New work!

DSC03947 DSC03955
DSC03924 DSC03887