Nite Owl
A Stallion
In Large Stablemate Scale
Edition size: 85, 5-15 Artist copies dependent on mold

Mini Nite Owl the miniature of the traditional scale found here. He is modeled after the prized destrier horses of the Middle Ages. Destriers were a type rather than a breed but he can be assigned to a multitude of modern breeds.
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Mini Nite Owl measures 3.1” tall x 4.25” long
(79mm x 109mm)

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Cast in resin with steel reinforced legs and tail, then lightly prepped with additional prep required to paint.

Mini Nite Owl is casting now and will begin shipping by Oct. 25th. Pieces will ship in the order in which they are received, meaning payment plan orders will enter the shipping queue once they have been paid in full.

You are welcome to modify your Mini Nite Owl in any way you wish but casting or reproducing in whole or part is prohibited.

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Mini Nite Owl is cast in artist’s resin with steel reinforcements then cleaned and preliminarily prepped.
Each is a displayable statue but additional prep work is required to paint.